Ohio Medical Marijuana Recommendations

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  • Frank


    I have seizure disorder, cannot drive, Dr. has tried multiple medications, still having seizures. I do not believe the Dr. I have now would refer medical marijuana. He says that marijuana is adding to the severity of my seizures. I believe that is how I kept them under control for my life I’ve had them as long as I can remember. 3 years I’ve been on damaging medications and still having seizures.

  • Elaine


    Is there a similar program that can begin registration in the Columbus Ohio area or should I just travel to Cleveland I live in Franklin County Ohio thank you for your help

    • Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Hi Elaine,

      I recommend you search MarijuanaDoctors.com or WeedMaps.Com for any new listing near you. If you can’t find anybody close to you, Cleveland is lovely this time of year!

  • Michael


    I have been diagnosed by a neurologist with an inoperable cavernous angioma of the brainstem. Would this qualify under TBI (traumatic brain injury)?

    • Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Solomon Zaraa, DO

      This would not be a TBI, and wouldn’t qualify directly. Some people with cavernous Angiomas experience pain or seizures and those would be qualifying conditions if you have documentation of treatments for those related issues.

  • Samantha


    What would a typical appointment entail? Can one expect a sort of therapy session or is it more like a yearly physical?

    • Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Good question Samantha!

      You can expect it to be a blend of both.

      We review your past medical history and your current physical health.

      However, we also understand that people aren’t just going to a doctor for a treatment if there isn’t an improvement in their quality of life. Because Ohio’s qualified conditions are associated with increased rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional risk factors, we structure our appointments as trauma-informed psychiatric interviews so we can inform you of those risks and how to address them.

  • David


    I am diagnosed with spinal stenosis and spinabifida. I had an invasive surgery in february of 2017 and have a cage with screws and im not even sure what else it entails but the pain is severe and marijuana seems to help alot with the pain and i would rather go a natural route than opiates or steroids which are un healthy with negative side effects.

    • Solomon Zaraa, DO

      Solomon Zaraa, DO

      There’s an appropriate time and place for all the treatments you mentioned. We agree that on a long-term basis, the risk/benefit profile of Cannabis makes medical marijuana a better choice for many people!